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What to Do When You Get the Bejeebers Scared Out of You: The Fluffy Pink Emotatude

This Book helps you understand what you can do when you get bejeebers scared out of you. Bejeebers are little vibratory beings called emotatudes. They live inside all of us. A bejeeber is a pink fluffy loving creatures that keep you feeling warm, loved, and secure.

Have you ever had the bejeebers scared out of you? What happened to you that scared you so? Do you remember what you did that made you safe and secure? Have your parents ever had the bejeebers scared out of them? How did they deal with that situation? What made them safe and secure? This book will explain how bejeebers are in each one of us.If you get scared by whatever life brings your way, this book will give you insight on how to repair that hollow fearful empty feeling you get when something scary happens. You will learn positive techniques to limit bejeeber loss and how to maintain and care for the bejeebers you have.

Emotatudes are a new way of looking at our feelings. So often we use adjectives to ‘describe’ how we feel. That is valuable, but can lead to misunderstandings when world perspectives are different. Emotatudes are nouns that show us physical proof of the complicated emotions we feel. Getting the bejeebers scared out of you paints a picture of what is happening inside of you when you are frightened. Having a kanipshun tells us more about our inner life than just ‘being angry.’ Having ‘a case of the blues’ explains more than just ‘being sad.’ What do these nouns look like, feel like or sound like? The answer to that question will help us unlock the passion of our inner world’s in living color with sound and movement.

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