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How to be Heebie Jeebie Free

This book identifies the feeling you get when you have the Heebie Jeebies. The fictional scientist Robert Heinrich Herman Kich a lesser known physician and pioneering emotatudogist isolates and studies emotatudes. As the founder of modern grossology, and emotatudology he is on the quest to find the specific causative agents of love, joy, exasperation, fear, disgust, fright, and repulsion.

This book shows how he gives experimental support for the concept of infectious emotional vibratory beings. Join his adventure and discovery of feelings as this series documents trail-blazing studies on emotional states. This book ‘How to be Heebie Jeebie Free‘ will help you see how Kich created and improved laboratory technologies and techniques in the field of grossology, and made key discoveries in feelings. Now you will learn not only how you get grossed out, but how to cure your icky feelings. Yes, you can be cured of disgust if you will venture to learn the principles linking specific experiences to specific vibratory beings which also help children learn how to cope with your feelings in imaginative concrete terms. Please support Dr. Kich’s exploratory work in emotion defining technology. If you purchase this book, he will be able to continue his worldwide research that will build a world that is in touch with their feelings!

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