Due to the ever-increasing need for children to build emotional intelligence, Everfield Press would like to sponsor a contest that would promote children’s books, grades K-12, that help children become emotionally intelligent adults.

Topics may include:

  • Books that build awareness of community and the natural environment
  • Books that empower children to connect with the natural world.
  • Books that engage children in the value and importance of animals.
  • Books that Build Self Image and Self Confidence
  • Books that help children identify feelings

Note: Only authors who have a published work that is available for purchase on Amazon.com need apply.  Please submit 1 copy of your book that will be donated to a children’s reading group in need, such as Bev the Book Mobile.

Please mail a published copy of your book, a SASE and a brief paragraph describing why you believe your book should win to:

Everfield Press LLC

19005 SW 13th Ave

Newberry, FL 32669

Deadline: 6/1/19