When Children are Given Tools to Express Feelings, They Build Emotional Literacy

Our books at Everfield Press give children a way to talk about how they feel. They give teachers scaffolding for teaching Emotional Literacy.

People frequently feel overwhelmed and frightened when they’re in the grip of powerful emotions. ensuing in behaviors that can leave others perplexed. Tools to identify feelings and express feelings in an appropriate manner create necessary communication. Children who act out in ways such as hitting, or throwing things may just need a tool chest filled with constructive ways to cope with their emotionally packed world. When they have tools, they can draw from in the midst of powerful emotions, inappropriate behaviors will cease. Everfield Press Books tell stories that show effective methods to cope with feelings and use fun words that talk about their feelings. These are proven strategies for aiding children in learning to process and express their emotions in a healthy way.

Naming Feelings

Children have a natural tendency to want to identify and name everything, The Emotatude Book series works with that instinct. Both positive and destructive behavior in response to emotional stimuli are explored in this twenty part series. Everfield Press has games, posters, videos, and puppets to teach children the names of a range of emotions. This sets the groundwork for children to learn to use words to express their feelings rather than hurtful actions towards others. Our books focus on dealing with emotions is an excellent classroom tool. Games and books allow the children to discuss feelings and possible reactions to a variety of situations from a safe distance, which assists in building an appropriate emotional vocabulary. You will see a difference in their coping skills as emotional situations arise.

Positive Expression

While each child has their own personal vocabulary, reading style, learning style, and academic gifts, all children have powerful emotions.  An emotion centered curriculum can bring readers of all levels together at all ages because feelings are something all students have in common. Positive self-expression for all children will bring the academic level of the whole group to a higher level. Some children will not yet have the vocabulary to adequately discuss their feelings verbally. A developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood programs is to encourage drawing, painting, coloring, or sculpting to show their emotions. Our books and simple games, and videos help children build scaffolding to discuss their feelings.

Positive Role Model

The characters in our books provide positive role models for children to follow. The characters in our books provide good role models for students that help them cultivate positive patterns.

If you are an early childhood, or elementary administrator/educator interested in learning more about helping young children express their feelings through the books at Everfield Press, we are always interested in providing your school with author visits, and workshops for teachers or students at  352-514-8701. Please feel free to purchase our books as a group or as an individual. Group discounts will apply.